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We offer our clients a comprehensive range of services, like sorting and controlling, quality walls, rework and repair of parts, either directly in the clients facilities, at our own premises or third party locations.

We apply our competences right across different industries, from automotive, metals, plastics to electronics.

We are committed to:

      - Reduce costs
      - Improve the customer service
      - Reduce the risk of supply
      - Improve the productivity due to less time spent in reworking
      - Eliminate or minimize reputational risks
      - Improves the company's image

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Why choose us

We are a team of highly motivated, experienced and qualified professionals ready to cooperate closely with our clients, providing them the services they need with quality, reliability and consistency.

Assembly work
Quality control and sorting of components for assembly
Repairing components for assembly
Final product quality control
Quality walls
Sorting and containment actions
Logistic services
Support in the assembly lines and support in the laboratory
Support in internal and external audits
Project launch support

Where we are?

Currently we have offices in Portugal and Czech Republic.

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Our services

Our services can be performed in our facilities, in client premises or in a third party location.

Sorting & Rework

Our team is specialized in sorting and rework in every stage of the process, we examine the parts or components according to client’s specifications and ISO standards.
This service allows a proficient reduction of quality problems in products, improving the productivity of the client.

Resident Engineering

This service consists of offering our clients a skilled, solutions-oriented human resource -Resident Engineer.

His responsibility is to apply advanced problem solving techniques, engineering and knowledge to identify risks, verify and analyse defects in order to quickly solve quality problems, allowing a cost reduction and eliminate or minimize reputational risks of the company.

The clients manage this resource as its own employee, although it will not be part of the company official headcount.

Final Product Quality Control

This service consists on the final quality control of the parts or components. We verify and assume any responsibility regarding complaints from end users, eliminating therefore unexpected costs.

Process Improvement

Process improvement is an imperative for companies challenged every day; our team offers a complete overview of the process, identifying the source of the problem, and defining in cooperation with the client a method to improve the process and the project management.

Our clients

The main clients of the company are 1st and 2nd tier suppliers to the automotive industry.

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Our efforts are firmly focused on helping our clients to achieve the highest quality standards and support them on the organization of the production processes.

Currently, we have offices in Portugal and Czech Republic.

Zona Industrial de Arrifana
Rua Vasco da Gama, Lote 5 nº 388
3700‐569, Arrifana - Santa Maria da Feira
P: +351 256 878 408
E: geral@xvisiongroup.com

Czech Republic
Xvision Bohemia S.R.O.
U Vodarny 1506
Czech Republic
P: +420 382 212 256
E: info@xvisionbohemia.com

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